Era of Gods

Light role-playing elements features. consists of different attributes, skills and abilites under the game's multi-layered character system

providing the richest gaming experience of the genre.


"Era of Gods" is an easy-to-play blockchain game, delivering turn-based battle gameplay with light role-playing elements and auto combat features. Built on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain), EoG is supported by a simple yet deep economy system for everyone to enjoy a play to earn experience. Battle, collect and discover rare NFT champions in this fantasy world of deities, with new ecosystem-building features to be updated later as the game world and its community continues to grow.

The overworld of "Era of Gods" is set in a fantasy realm where deities from popular mythologies collide and battle each other in order to reign supreme. Deities from the Greek, Egyptian and Ancient Chinese mythologies each consists of different attributes, skills and abilites under the game's multi-layered character system gathers here for players to discover, providing the richest gaming experience of the genre.

  • Aphrodite

    Goddess of beauty. Aphrodite, the most beautiful woman in the world of the gods, always has many suitors around her. The love battle between Apollo and Ares always messes up the realm of the gods. Aphrodite finds it very interesting. The love battle between Apollo and Ares always messes up the God World, but Aphrodite finds it very interesting. She and Zeus's wife Sheila are close friends who talk about everything. Hera always complains to her about Zeus's carelessness, so Aphrodite borrowed Hera a beautiful gold belt, wishing Hera can use her beautiful dress to firmly grasp her husband's love.
  • Ra

    Leader of Egypt, Teacher of the Gods. Ra, the highest god of the sun in Egypt, was once an invincible general on the battlefield. As he grew older, he decided to retire to become a mentor to assist the new generation of gods. Experienced in hundreds of battles, he has a calm personality and rich experience. He used to be the master of the heroic god, teaching the heroic god of strength, knowledge and character. He was heartbroken by the death of the heroic god, so he devoted himself to assisting the human beings who possessed the soul of the earth.
  • Nü Wa

    A leader full of maternal aura. Compared with the coercive rule, Nü Wa prefers to adopt a soft policy and stay close to the hearts of her subordinates. For her, the other deities are as important as family. Although Nü Wa is gentle and graceful by nature, and treats people with kindness, but at first she could not grasp the secrets of getting along with some naughty deities. At that time, she always asked the heroic god for advice on how to calm people’s hearts, and now she carries this heroic spirit in helping others and learn to become a better leader everyday
  • Apollo

    Sunny and outgoing, the most popular god in the Greek faith. Apollo has a very high archery talent and handsome appearance, which makes him feel confident in himself. He fell in love with Aphrodite, the most beautiful goddess in the God Realm, and pursued it passionately. He fell in love with Aphrodite, the most beautiful goddess in the God Realm, and pursued it passionately. Unexpectedly, Aphrodite was captured by a bold confession from Ares, and started dating. Looking for trouble with Ares on the battlefield, hoping to destroy the relationship between the two. Apollo, known as the Greek god of the sun, seems to be at odds with his sister, Artemis, the moon god
  • Ares

    Never tire of battles, the violent flames raging on the battlefield. The strong and competitive Ares is a famous Greek god of war. As long as there is a battlefield, Ares can almost be seen holding a great sword. He does things without thinking, and always does everything he can to fight to win the enemy, but he does not think about the consequences. Reckless behavior is often ridiculed by Apollo as a brainless gorilla, and his girlfriend Aphrodite is often responsible for his destructive behavior.
  • Artemis

    The goddess of hunting under the moonlight. Artemis, as a mood god, is always drowsy during the day, but full of energy at night. Also as an archer, her archery skills are comparable to that of her younger brother Apollo, but she does not like to brag about her strength and always reprimands Apollo for being too showy. It is said that she likes to hunt in the forest at night, and she has seen a mysterious beautiful man by the lake. This topic always brought up between her three best friends, Hestia and Athena.
  • Athena

    Athena is an upright, brave warrior full of justice. She is a powerful goddess in the Greek faith, always holding a spear in one hand and a large shield in the other hand, galloping into the battlefield and facing the enemy. Athena, Hestia, and Artemis are the best relationship in the world of gods. They get together and chat about gossip all the time. She always carelessly about Ares's destruction and troubles her girlfriend Aphrodite and accidentally in the relationship between the two. Ares do not like her nosy personality.
  • Qing Long

    Eastern guardian beast who is in charge of wood elements. In order to increase the number of warriors to protect the new god, Qing Long transformed from a spirit beast into a human form under the magic of Nü Wa, and ordered Jiang Taigong to lead them. He is full of wisdom like a sage, and his every move is as graceful as a fairy, and he is always the peacemaker among the four holy beasts. The slender figure looks weak, but the superb mana can always be the strongest support on the battlefield.
  • Zeus

    The God of Olympus according to the Greek mythology, also the deity that can manipulate thunder and lightning. Zeus is very lustful, greedy and loves to drink. He is aware that these selfish desires will destroy his image, so he pretends to be serious on the surface, and he is extremely powerful and majestic among the gods of Olympus, highly respected by the other deities, but he is a timid little man in front of his wife.

What is Infinity Gem ($INGEM)?

Infinity Gems ($INGEM) are the governing token for "Era of Gods", and the main access to acquire $INGEM once the game launches will be through the game's PVP battles and ranking. Being the primary asset for our ecosystem, the value of $INGEM is the combined effort of the project team, our player communities, our backers and all that are involved. The project team is and will be 100% dedicated to supporting $INGEM via its associated GameFi contents, check out the Whitepaper to learn more.

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What is GF Gold ($GFG)?

GF Golds ($GFG) are the secondary token for "Era of Gods", and can be obtained via in-game activities such as daily missions, PVE wins and more. GFGs can be used for new character generation (NFT mint).

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Team Members
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    Game Design Director
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    Project Director
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    General Manager